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This is to introduce ourselves on behalf of Colors Of Craft ( with our work and whole range of products in authentic Handicraft. We cater to a whole range of products in wood, furnishing, fabrics, sling bags, leather, brass and iron metal craft, handworked zari designs, jute, tribal art, paintings and more with the facility of Made to Order and the pursuit to expand our range. Each of our products is rightly priced for its cost and we personally ensure that our earnings are shares with the communities of which this work is native. (The cost on site is for retail not bulk orders)

Each of our product is crafted as native by the same hands, curated & catered by us personally. Thus Crafted, Curated Catered … along with a promise to provide you with the best, as a whole and to serve the communities that not only identify but also depend on it.”

We are also into custom design of products and manufacture of items. Right from design sketch to final product. In case our products are in interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Parag Pathak 

+91 789-8228-444      

Vishweshwar S Singh Deo

 +91 7748-00-4077


To partner would open a whole new opportunity requiring minimal effort, ensuring returns and in turn serving a cause. We are open to any approach and give all freedom to our partners as we believe they are the best ones with the local know-how. In addition we cater to small businesses, shops & people at home to display our product range and we would provide support & resources like brochures, assist in sales training & take care of logistics. 


Our Whole Range Product Brochure: Kindly note that retail rate is stated on site for individuals the costing for bulk orders would be different and on a  lower scale and can be worked out on case by case basis.

In addition to this we have a whole range of offering, in our furnishing section, that is handcrafted and made to order. To know about us more kindly visit:


Colors Of Craft